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ELO Boosting - how to make an order?

1. Choose the service you are interested in.
2. Click the button "Next" and enter the data for your League of Legends account (the exception is for DUO Boosting, in this case we don’t need data for your account – we only need your Nick and Server).
3. Make a payment through the payment system we use in order to get your payment instantly to us.
4. After a successful transaction, the system will take you to the thanks page for payment as well as it will choose a Booster that will execute your order.
5. You are sitting comfortably in your gamer chair whilewatching how your account is getting better and better divisions.

If you have any problems / questions please contact us via our website, messenger or any other communicator.

Term of Use

1.EzBoosting.eu reserves the right to cancel boost if the customer plays ranked games on his account during its duration.

2.EzBoosting.eu reserves the right to reject an order for up to 48 hours from purchase. If we decide to reject the order we will refund the entire amount.

3.EzBoosting.eu is not responsible for the accounts that will be suspended during boosting for using illegal programs because none of our boosters never uses them, the only program they use is VPNwhen it is needed to protect a player from another region before ban.

4.EzBoosting.eu is not related in any way to Riot Games, Inc..

5.Our service offers only virtual objects in game League Of Legends. We only sell our time and knowledge.

6.Our service will start boosting your account up to 2 days after purchase.

7.EzBoosting.net ensures at least half a division per day.

8.Everything on our website is owned by EzBoosting.eu.

9.We accept refunds in case of when:
-The service will not start 3 days from purchase
-Up to 24 hours without giving a reason
Partial return when:
-the service is not what you expected or is not as described on the site.

10.EzBoosting.eu reserves the right to change the boosting of a division to a boosting per win when the costumer gets below 15LP per game.

If you have any questions, please look to the FAQ section.

We also invite you to view the results of our completed orders in the Gallery section!

If you have any problem / question please contact us through the "Contact" button!

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