This section contains the most frequently asked questions. Please read the following information. Perhaps the answer you are looking for is here.

EzBoosting.eu provides services related to Riot Games, with a game known as League of Legends. We offer you a fast way to increase your rank/division (ELO BOOSTING), teaching how to play by COACHING by highly experienced League of Legends players, removing penalties and playing the first ten games called PLACEMENT GAMES.

You can trust us without any worries. We are a legally actingcompany also registered in the industry.
When it comes to account security in League of Legends, Riot Games has solid secured the change of account data. This is reflected in the lack of possibility to do such activities without knowing more personal information.

A short, simple answer – ALL.

We can ensure you that you will not get banned. Each of our boosters is required to use VPN during the game.

Non service is able to answer this question accurately. It all depends on many factors such as your MMR or other random events.
But we can say that we are able to boost one division per day.

The reason for that is your very low MMR. In this case, please order a BOOSTING FOR WIN. We will fix some of your hidden MATCHMAKING RATING while climbing up the levels of each League.

You can simply go to our customer panel send on your email given in form. There you can follow progress of ELO BOOSTING and chat with your booster!

Yes of course. All you have to do is determine what time you will be using your account by contacting us.
It is strictly forbidden to play RANKED GAMES. The consequence of playing rankeds while being boosted is to stop the executing your order without refunding money.

We require a minimum Diamond I on the EUNE server.
If you fulfil the condition above, please send us an e-mail and write a few sentences about yourself.
We need to add that your identity will need to be confirmed at the beginning of the conversation with us.